Symphony in Dm 'no. 0', WAB 100

Bruckner's Symphony in D minor was composed in 1869 and not assigned any number by its composer, subsequently becoming known by Die Nullte (which rougly translates to The zeroth or in English). Bruckner himself declared that the work 'didn't count' when referring to his symphonies, and marked the score with the symbol "∅", later interpreted as zero (though the work was composed after the first symphony). According to G. Tintner, this lack of confidence in the work arose from a question by the puzzled conductor Felix Otto Dessoff, who asked Bruckner, "Where is the main theme?''. The work was not premiered until 1924. It is sometimes referred to as "Symphony in D minor, opus posthumous", but in English it is most often called "Symphony No. 0".

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