Piano sonata no. 2 in Gm, Op. 22

Schumann composed his Piano sonata no. 2 in Gm, Op. 22 from 1831 to 1838. It was his third and last full lenght attempt at the genre, with his others sonatas being no. 1, Op. 11, and no. 3, Op. 14. (which was published after the no. 1 sonata but composed earlier). To add to this confusion, the sonatas no. 3 and an abandoned sketch for no. 4 share the key of F minor. Among his sonatas, the second one is very frequently performed and recorded. Because of its great variety and highly virtuosic demands, it is enjoyed both by audiences and performers alike. Schumann himself claimed to be "endly looking forward to the second sonata", neverthe he revised it several times. At Clara Schumann's request, the original finale, marked Presto passionato was replaced with a difficult movement.

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