Flower Piece, Op. 19

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Blumenstück (Flower Piece) is the name of a piano work written by Robert Schumann in 1839. The work, mainly in the key of D flat major, consists of several short, connected, and thematically recurring pieces, with the second one working as a refrain. It was composed at the same time as the Arabeske, and toghether with it, later dismissed by Schumann himself as a 'delicate salon piece, only fit for ladies to play' (a description that corresponds with his stated intention of writing this pieces as a way to ''elevate himself to the front rank of favourite composers of the women of Vienna''). It is said that the sections of the Blumenstück reflect different amorous emotions traditionally associated with flowers. Schumman used in its composition a four-note motiv that he had previously employed to represent his intended fiancee Clara Wieck in Carnival, Op. 9.

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